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Federal Industrial Services, Inc., keeps your industrial equipment looking and working like new. We are a locally-owned and operated business that has served Michigan for 36 years. Our skilled staff has the knowledge and equipment to perform sandb

11223, East 8 Mile Road, Warren, Michigan 48089, USA
Services/Products: Sandblasting, Metalizing, Pipe Freezing, Turbine Cleaning, System Flushing, Chemical Cleaning
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Here at Firecoat Custom Powdercoating, we take time to make sure the process for each and every part is done correctly. When parts come into this shop, we determine what process each part must go through to facilitate superior adhesion while maint

201, South Main Street, Hedrick, Iowa 52563, USA
Services/Products: Custom Powder Coating
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At Finish Line Powder Coating, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coated finishes to our customers nation wide. 

1583, Charlotte Hwy, Fairview, North Carolina 28730, USA
Services/Products: Powder Coating, Lawn Furniture, Automotive Restoration, Motorcycles/ATV, Fencing, Gates, Hand Railing, Racing Chassis
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Powder at its best.

1421 Lee Trevino SteC9, , El Paso, Texas 79936, USA
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Adding fire in that color.

1609 Kennedy st, , Fairbanks, Alaska 99709, USA
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Fox Valley Sandblasting and Powder Coating, a company dedicated to providing high quality workmanship and service at competitive prices. We offer in-house abrasive blast cleaning, custom powder coating, and protective paint applications to industr

1211 Badger St, PO Box 63, Yorkville, Illinois 60560, USA
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Foss Customs.

343 El Capitan, , stevensville, Montana 59870, USA