About Powder Coat Directory

Powder Coat Directory was formed by industry leaders to help serve the members of the powder coating and finishing industry.  The Powder Coat Directory has two main goals:

  1. To help participants in the powder coating and finishing industry make their business information available to those who may be seeking their products and services.

    We have created this directory primarily to help those in the industry sell their services and products to end users. Our objective is to connect you with your customers. The main way we help you to do this is to set up a directory listing that has complete information and that presents your products and services in the most attractive light. That means lots of details about your business, pictures, and videos if possible.

    There are three types of directory listings:

    • SILVER: A free listing that allows over 20 descriptive attributes about your business.
    • GOLD: A premium listing that allows you all the free listing elements, AND additional directory elements including videos, PDFs and documents, coupons, reviews, social network and sharing links, a featured classified advertisement, and more.
    • PLATINUM: A premium listing that includes the above Gold listing elements AND SEO-friendly elements, more photos, more descriptive space available, a free banner display advertisement, and more.
  2. We want to create a robust marketplace for sharing of information, products and services between members of the powder coating and finishing industry.

    The second purpose of this site is to provide a robust, informative product and service marketplace to serve those in the industry; everyone from consultants, powder coating experts, manufacturers, suppliers of products and equipment, and more.

    Business information can be found in the directory listings, classified advertisements, discussion forums, events calendar, and display ads.  New information is also pushed out to interested parties through RSS feeds, emails and newsletters.

    We want to make the process of organizing business information collaborative. In the Powder Coat Directory, you can share listings with your partners, vendors, colleagues, friends, family, and other contacts, giving your business exposure to a prime audience.  

    The Powder Coat Directory continues to evolve in a myriad of ways, all of which are designed to continually improve it. Check out the Powder Coat Directory Blog to stay apprised of the latest developments.

    What are you waiting for? Go explore!